Through New Neighbours, MDI is training civil society organisations to run their own campaigns as well as to effectively communicate with journalists to spread constructive stories about migrants and refugees.

Within New Neighbours, CMFE is training community media to develop new intercultural and multilingual productions, based on the good-practice examples of the Spaces of Inclusion study

Thanks to New Neighbours, Public Service Media members of EBU have networked with civil society, NGOs and community media across Europe to prepare and promote the third series of the New Neighbours Documentaries. Find out more about the national meetings organised by COSPE, as well as about all learning, training and capacity-building exchanges that are taking place

Besides the Country Reports and Interviews on Media and Migration developed by COMMIT in cooperation with local researchers for New Neighbours, we have collected several useful studies and resources – for journalists and for all those interested in changing the narrative around migration

Colleagues and partner organisations are involved in projects promoting inclusion and intercultural dialogue