The flat

In a small town near The Hague is a unique apartment building where the neighbours try to help each other in making life more “enjoyable” and less difficult. Along with the people who have already lived in the building for a long time, during the past year new neighbours have arrived who are in a complicated situation or have special needs. People from all cultures and religions try to find ways to help each other. In this challenge they are being assisted by a coach, who knows everyone in the building. This film portrays the story of people who on their own probably would never be able to achieve what is happening in this environment. For instance Evert, who is confined to a wheelchair and in his daily life is dependent on the help of others. His neighbours are happily prepared to help him. Evert in turn also helps new neighbours around him, such as Rabeea who is of Syrian decent and speaks weak Dutch despite having lived in The Netherlands for many years. Evert helps her with learning Dutch. Ilknur just arrived in the building with her children; she is waiting for her husband who was forced to remain in Turkey for the past months to receive special cancer treatments. Will it work and will he be able to join her in the new apartment? Meanwhile Ilknur gives a makeover to her neighbours in the apartment building. With so many people of different nationalities and cultures living together this also means there are unavoidably many integration issues. Who deals with the garbage, is everybody prepared to help each other and how open is everyone in letting other people intervene in their life?