NEW NEIGHBOURS shows us that women can change the world

After the South of Italy, Germany and Slovenia, the New Neighbours journey takes us to Belgium with “Danielle’s Choice”. Belgian film director Safia Kessas followed an extraordinary woman who opened her house to refugees. Why Danielle?

“Because despite obstacles, she follows her choices to the end, she is an active citizen who resists”, says Safia.

Danielle – because the most welcoming people are women and in Europe they are the ones we see on the screen the least. Danielle – because she is a strong, courageous and determined woman who shows us the human face of migration.

Co-produced by the EBU Intercultural and Diversity Group and RTBF, the documentary tells her story as she joins a platform of volunteers helping new refugees find accommodation and get on their feet. But in the process, Danielle’s own family is left feeling forgotten. How can she reconcile her need to be a part of her own family, while creating a new one?

Danielle’s Choice had its premiere at the Centre for Fine Arts Bozar in Brussels on the occasion of the World TV day in November 2019. After the festival “Elles tournent” in January and the “Millenium” festival in March, the film was selected in April of this year for the ONE Country ONE Film international film festival as the only representative for Belgium in the short film category. Each year, one country is honoured, and several films are selected from that country. Since its creation in 2010, ONE Country ONE Film has selected 111 countries.

You can watch “Danielle’s Choice” subtitled in English here. All nine films are being made available one after another via

“New Neighbours” Official Trailer

The New Neighbours series tells moving and exciting stories of present-day Europe, from the picturesque Sicilian village of Sutera which refugees infused with new life to a smart Berlin neighbourhood where local pubs are largely closed to new neighbours, a Barcelona region with a 30% migrant population, where a Pakistani community found their new home and build their own mosque, and a Slovenian village where three Syrian families are introducing huge change. 

The series is being broadcasted in nine European countries. It will also provide food for thought at discussions and training sessions that will be held by New Neighbours project consortium partners. 

Individual trailers are available here.

A Restless History of Europe

“The truth is

that Europeans have never

sat still for long.

Whichever page of

European history you turn to,

you’ll find migration.”

David Mountain with an article on “We Are Europe” magazine reconstructed the history of the European continent, retracing some relevant events of the past, proving that issues and concerning on migration – which since 2015 with the refugee crisis emerged as the main topics of nationalist rhetoric and politics debate – are nothing new, indeed.

Contrary to what nationalist politicians repeatedly claim, Europe historically is a continent of migration. The mass movement of people is deeply entwined with its history and its inhabitants: Europe, as we know it today, it’s partly the product of internal and external migration. And, although the migration flow of the 21st century shows different characteristics than those of the past, tracing its history, he demonstrated that such wrong ideas, permeating the debate on the migration issue – which is a modern and not a European phenomenon – are wrong and false.

Here the full article.