New Neighbours at the International Conference of Journalism on Migration and Development of Mérida


New Neighbours is taking part to the The III International Conference of Journalism on migration and development.

The conference is taking place from the 18th to the 22nd of October via Zoom.  With over 80 speakers in its pool, it is a space  to debate the complexity and future of migration coverage from different perspectives.

In the words of the organisers: 

“The debate will address varied topics and current challenges and will be a meeting point for those who publish and those who produce the information.”

New Neighbours participation to the International Conference of Journalism on Migration

A contribution from New Neighbours will happen on the 21st of October at 6pm. 

Daniela Drastata, journalist and producer of the Croatian public broadcaster HRT, chairwoman of the EBU Intercultural and Diversity Group, and executive producer of the documentary series “New Neighbours” will be speaking. 

She will be joined by Frans Jenneckens, journalist and producer of the Dutch public broadcaster NTR, and executive producer of “New Neighbours”. Jenneckens is also Head of Diversity at the Dutch public broadcaster NTR.

During the conference, Drastata and Jenneckens will focus on the challenges faced when trying to position migration and diversity as a prime-time topic away from stereotypes.

The goal is to discuss the inside hurdles of broadcasters (lack of diversity in newsrooms, the pressure of shares, stereotypes…) and the need for journalists to educate themselves on biases as well as on the complexity of migration.

More information and how to signup 

The conference is mainly in Spanish, but there are many debates and sessions that count with an English interpretation. The program is not available in English yet, but some debates will be moderated in English.

To attend the conference, please click this link and register your interest. 

New Neighbours at Fazana Media Fest

New Neighbours at Fazana Media Fest

Early in September we screened a selection of our documentaries at the Fazana Media Fest. It was an evening organised in collaboration with our partners Media Diversity Institute and the European Broadcasting Union to discuss media, migration and stereotypes. 

To present the evening was Daniela Draštata, from HRT and also executive producer of our international New Neighbors series. 

During the evening, the audience enjoyed two of our films: Hope House and Across the Word – Worlds Apart

In its second year of life, the Fazana Media Fest is an international multimedia festival organised in Croatia and inviting journalists to discuss ethical and professional journalism principles.

To learn more about the Fazana Media Fest and our collaboration with them, read more here

New Neighbours Nominated for the Prix Europa

New Neighbours Nominated for Prix Europa

New Neighbours‘ documentaries portray the lives of migrants settling in new neighbourhoods. Among them, one has been nominated for this year Prix Europa. Since 1987, Prix Europa has been honouring the best media production of the globe with a special focus on issues that Europeans should know more about. 

New Neighbours’ documentary, “In the Ghost Town” was nominated for the category TV IRIS. 

In the Ghost Town” tells the story John and his family who came from Nigeria and landed in Sutera, Italy. Like many Sicilian towns, Sutera is a doorway and a gate to Europe for people who come from Africa. In 2013, after one of the deadliest migrant tragedies, Sutera’s municipality was asked to bury almost 400 victims. But Sutera’s cemetery was full, so the Major of the village decided to do something crucial for the living. Sutera became a new home of the survivors.

The documentary was produced in collaboration with our partners at RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana. Through an intimate narration, it reveals how meeting otherness requires to get rid of previous prejudices. 

To watch “In the Ghost Town” click here. The winners of the Prix Europa will be announced in Postdam from October 18-25. 

New Neighbours at Terra di Tutti Film Festival

New Neighbours at Terra di Tutti Film Festival

Since 2007 the Terra di Terra di Tutti Film Festival is a platform for documentary and social film productions shining a light on voices from the Southern hemisphere. This year the Festival takes place from October 6th to 11th with a combination of live events in Bologna, Italy, and online sessions. 

Three sessions on media and diversity involve New Neighbours

SEMINAR “Media and migration: exploring language and creating new narratives” 

October 8th from 9:00am CET

Despite migration being at the center of the public debate and under the eyes of media organisations, the information shared remains highly characterised by partial and confusing narratives. These narratives fail to include the voices of the direct protagonists. 

To join the discussion and receive invaluable training, click here.

MASTERCLASS – “Let’s Diversity – diversity and creativity in TV productions

In collaboration with the University of Bologna

October 8th from 3:00pm to 5:00pm CET

This is a masterclass reserved to the students of the University of Bologna. To access to it, you can join via MS Teams through this link:

FILM SCREENINGS – “New Neighbours”

October 8th from 6pm to 7:30pm CET at Cinema Tivoli, Bologna 

The screenings will be introduced by Daniela Attalini, producer and Antonello Savoca, director of the New Neighbours Italian documentary, realised by RAI 3 and nominated for the Prix Europa 2020.

Two will be the films screened from the New Neighbours selection:

To learn more about the festival, visit the page