New Neighbours on Mondinsieme (Reggio Emilia, Italy)

Fondazione Mondinsieme is an intercultural center in the town of Reggio Emilia,  an area with the highest % of migrants on the Italian territory (18% vs. a national average of 9%, with over 100 different nationalities). Mondinsieme has been promoting active participation through a variety of activities, including journalism, communication and social media projects. 

As a result of New Neighbours, a multilingual storytelling podcast has been produced (ChiacchieRE) and a test phase for a local community station has started.

With ChiacchieRE, the Mondinsieme Foundation proposes an imaginary journey, guided by the voices of parents of different origins, who have told us lullabies and songs with which they make their children fall asleep, have fun or reflect. They are intercultural natives, since they were born in Reggio Emilia to international parents.

The podcast explores what it means to “tell life stories” in different languages and sounds, from the point of view of parents, for parents, for children, nursery and kindergarten teachers and for all those who want to listen.

ChiacchieRE consists of 10 episodes, hosted by Diana Bota, who took part in the course organised by New Neighbours on community radio and the creation of multilingual content. Hosting ChiacchieRE has allowed her to get to know people and families of different origins, but also to reflect on her childhood as a girl with a migrant background.


In each episode, released on Friday every week, Diana chats with a mum or dad, weaving together life stories, evocations of childhoods elsewhere, which meet new shapes and sounds in an attempt to reinvent ancient narratives. In the daily reinvention of parenthood, there is room for the desire to compare knowledge and nuances, in order to expand the range of tools to offer to their children.