New Neighbours on Radio Student (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Radio Student has been committed to upholding freedom of speech, social solidarity and human rights for 50 years. In a situation where media are involved in an intense race for commercialisation, this community radio constitutes a channel for pluralism of information, critical thinking and public dialogue. Radio Student is also the only radio broadcasting in various minority languages.

Within New Neighbours, Radio Student took part in the Community Outreach Workshop held in Siena in September 2019 and then participated to the Format Development Workshops in Freiburg and Vienna in October/November 2019, to develop its intercultural and multilingual productions further.

Radio Student produced radio programs to highlight the New Neighbours activities:

NOVE KOMŠIJEžba/kontrola-leta/nove-komšije

Mali Granični prijelaz

Sunrise Africa  


60 minutes with a refugee