New Neighbours Online Webinar Creating intercultural media narratives

New Neighbours Online Webinar: Creating intercultural media narratives

Media professionals are coming together to share what it means to work on intercultural media projects during the New Neighbours online Webinar. Over the past 24 months, the European Broadcasting Union and its project partners CMFE – Community Media Forum Europe, COMMIT, COSPE Onlus and MDI – Media Diversity Institute have been implementing good practices of promoting direct participation of migrants and refugees in European media productions. Now the time has come to look back and ask: what has worked well? What surprised us? And what would have needed more time to fulfil our expectations?

Some answers and lessons learnt will be shared in a 90-minute online conference on Monday, February 22nd, 14:00-15:30 with people behind the EU-funded New Neighbours project. Journalists, community media producers, experts with a migratory background, campaigners and public service media professionals will discuss how to create successful intercultural media projects and why this is pivotal. 

You will hear from:

    • Agnese Papadia, European Commission policy officer at DG Migration
    • Wouter Gekiere, Head of Brussels Office at EBU
    • Anna Meli, Communications Director at COSPE, Florence
    • Rufine Songue and Rouby Baba-Traoré, producers of Our Voice at Radio RDL, Freiburg
    • Selma Cherif and Diana Bota from Mondinsieme, Reggio Emilia
    • Tea Vidović, migration expert at the Centre for Peace Studies (CPS), Zagreb
    • Greta Wessing, co-chair of the Refugee Law Clinic Berlin (RLCB), Berlin
    • Marco Farina, director of Human Rights Youth Organization (HRYO), Italy
    • Marisa Torres da Silva, assistant professor at NOVA University, Lisbon
    • Helmut Peissl, Director of COMMIT, Vienna

The Webinar Creating intercultural media narratives will be moderated from the European Broadcasting Union in Brussels by Jeroen Depraetere, EBU Project Manager, in cooperation with storytelling coach Beatrice Ngalula Kabutakapua, Milica Pesic, MDI Director, and Nadia Bellardi, CMFE Project Coordinator.

The event takes place on Monday, February 22nd, 14:00-15:30 and is free.

To attend, please register here – places are limited