Running workshops during a pandemic

What did workshops on multilingual programming look like this year? We certainly didn’t expect to be holding them online but were looking forward to meeting and sharing and learning from one another! Luckily, September and October 2020 provided us with a short window for both – our international trainers worked remotely, while participants could gather, carefully distanced, to attend the training together. The three CMFE workshops aimed to empower more migrants and refugees, women in particular, to produce their own media contents on community media. All participants involved, and especially our partners and trainers, proved to be incredibly creative, patient and resilient – and we are grateful for that!

Here are some impressions of the workshops at Radio Student in Ljubljana, RTV Cardedeu in Cardedeu and Mondinsieme in Reggio Emilia. We also invited the authors of the New Neighbours fact sheets on media and migration to present their research and our partners from VOA to share their expertise on changing the narrative on refugees and women.