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What Women Want

We sat down with Auriane Itangishaka, journalist and broadcaster at VOA’s Our Voices show. She shared with us why it was pivotal to start a show focused on women and by women. 

About Auriane Itangishaka

Auriane started her career as a journalist almost two decades ago. As she mentioned during the interview below, she wanted to reach out to young people to encourage and motivate them. Today Auriane is a broadcaster for Our Voices which focuses on stories of African women but is also inspired by them. 

Our Voices

Our Voices is a show on air on Voices of America. Auriane explains they found it was pivotal to create it because she and her team noticed that whenever there was a conversation about women, experts were men. They felt the need to bring more female voices to the conversation on women. And this culminated in Our Voices which is a show about women and by women. 

What Women Want

In the conversation with Auriance, she mentioned that to address to a female audience, journalists need to “create content that create solutions. Because women already know the situation they are in”, what they want is to know and activate the solutions. 

Watch the entire interview with Auriane Itangishaka

You can learn more about:

    • addressing a women audience;
    • inspiring communities;
    • share stories of communities.

Watch the video below. 

The video interview with Auriane Itangishaka, Voice of America, was conducted by Birgitte Jallov, CMFE President, in September 2020 and is hosted on the YouTube channel of RTV Cardedeu.

You can find a version with Italian and one with Spanish subtitles on YouTube