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Women Migrants Share Their Stories on Italian Podcast

Women of migrants origins have been sharing their stories of living in Italy in a new podcast called Lunatica

How is Lunatica creating space for women migrants 

Lunatica is a podcast that amplifies the voices of migrants women. They are the protagonist of the project and this is an opportunity for them to share: their point of views on the world; their everyday stories.  

Migrants women are often absent from the mainstream narrative which focuses more on migrants men. Nonetheless, women of migrant origins have a lot to say and share about themselves and the societies they live in. 

“People listening to the podcast have been surprised to learn new stories they didn’t know existed,” says one of the spokesperson for the project.

She added: “They have also realised to have many stereotypes themselves on migrant women.”

Who created Lunatica 

Lunatica was created by the project Lunenomadi which is one of the outputs of the Emilia Romagna’s based association Nondasola (trad. not alone). 

Lunenomadi is active since 2006 to welcome migrant women and facilitate their relationships with local women. In this light, Lunatica is an attempt to fight prejudices against migrant women in Italy. 

The 2020 pandemic has given the opportunity to create a dialogue between migrant women and local women by allowing migrant women to record their stories via Whatsapp. This is how the first eight episodes of the series were created. 

Where to listen to migrant women stories 

Lunatica is a podcast that can be listened to here

To get in touch with the project organisers, you can email them at: