I Have Rights Campaign Give People Access to Justice

On Monday, August 24, 2020 the Refugee Law Clinic Berlin (RLC Berlin) launches its #AccessToJustice-Campaign in order to promote the legal tool IHaveRights.eu. Daily social media content on RLC Berlin channels highlighted the importance of access to justice for asylum seekers. (FacebookTwitterInstagram)
IHaveRights is a website for streamlining requests for interim measures to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in order to protect the human rights of asylum seekers on Samos. The ECHR has already granted 42 out of 49 requests such as an interim measure for a pregnant refugee woman to be moved from a camp to an apartment in Samos. We invite anyone knowing or working with asylum seekers to share this legal tool with those who might be in need for better access to justice.
Access to justice is the precondition to any human right – having rights is not the same as getting your right. Yet asylum seekers often lack adequate access to justice although they are particularly vulnerable to human rights abuses. Over the years the European Asylum System has created a situation in which asylum seekers are forced to stay in camps and thus have limited or no access to justice.
Over the last years the European Asylum System forces asylum seekers to reside in inhuman and degrading living conditions – by itself a subject of judicial scrutiny before the European Convention Human Rights. 
IHaveRights.eu was created during the Corona-Lockdown and aims to give people access to justice who, due to the restriction of their freedom of movement, cannot establish personal contact. IHaveRights.eu is therefore an important addition to the legal information offered by RLC Berlin on Samos.
More information on www.IHaveRights.eu.