New Neighbours Nominated for Prix Europa

New Neighbours Nominated for the Prix Europa

New Neighbours‘ documentaries portray the lives of migrants settling in new neighbourhoods. Among them, one has been nominated for this year Prix Europa. Since 1987, Prix Europa has been honouring the best media production of the globe with a special focus on issues that Europeans should know more about. 

New Neighbours’ documentary, “In the Ghost Town” was nominated for the category TV IRIS. 

In the Ghost Town” tells the story John and his family who came from Nigeria and landed in Sutera, Italy. Like many Sicilian towns, Sutera is a doorway and a gate to Europe for people who come from Africa. In 2013, after one of the deadliest migrant tragedies, Sutera’s municipality was asked to bury almost 400 victims. But Sutera’s cemetery was full, so the Major of the village decided to do something crucial for the living. Sutera became a new home of the survivors.

The documentary was produced in collaboration with our partners at RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana. Through an intimate narration, it reveals how meeting otherness requires to get rid of previous prejudices. 

To watch “In the Ghost Town” click here. The winners of the Prix Europa will be announced in Postdam from October 18-25.