“New Neighbours” Official Trailer

The New Neighbours series tells moving and exciting stories of present-day Europe, from the picturesque Sicilian village of Sutera which refugees infused with new life to a smart Berlin neighbourhood where local pubs are largely closed to new neighbours, a Barcelona region with a 30% migrant population, where a Pakistani community found their new home and build their own mosque, and a Slovenian village where three Syrian families are introducing huge change. 

The series is being broadcasted in nine European countries. It will also provide food for thought at discussions and training sessions that will be held by New Neighbours project consortium partners. 

Individual trailers are available here.

RTV Cardedeu goes multilingual!

RTV Cardedeu, the oldest community radio and TV in Spain and the first Catalan TV worldwide, has started its very first multilingual/‘foreign language’ content thanks to New Neighbours! What a wonderful way to celebrate their 40th anniversary, happening this year.
Here you can hear Meryem and Hamza from Morroco talking in Arabic (“Maghrebi 100%”), and Kiemba from Senegal speaking Mandinga, Spanish and Catalan (“Bamtabakacha”), just click on the corresponding program tab: https://www.rtvc.cat/podcasts/.
We hope you enjoy, even if you understand just a few words.