New Neighbours: Two Film Screenings in Brussels

On Thursday, the European Broadcasting Union will screen two documentaries from the New Neighbours series. Both films examine the project’s core themes: how do refugees and migrants adjust to new surroundings, and how do old communities adjust to their new neighbours’ presence?

Here the trailer and the plot of both documentaries:

“Across the Road — Worlds Apart”  follows the story of 94 year old Eva Sternheim-Peters, whose childhood was defined by leading the girl’s wing of the Nazi party’s youth movement. Over the course of her life, she had a political awakening and now shares her apartment with Amer Kassab, a young Syrian refugee. But not everyone in the neighborhood had the same journey. Across the street, a pub frequently welcomes clientele with German nationalist, anti-Muslim views. Could Amer’s presence change their mind?

“Danielle’s Choice”  follows the story of Danielle, a Belgian woman who runs a robust platform of volunteers helping new refugees find accommodation and get on their feet. But in the process, her own family is left feeling forgotten. How can she reconcile her need to be a part of her own family, while creating a new one?

Please find more information on the film screening here